Sunday, December 16, 2012

I HOARD TEXT by Rolynn Anderson

Seriously, how many times have you dumped text from a novel you’re working on and subsequently gone back to retrieve and use it?  I really want to know.  I’m beginning to feel like one of those reality show women with a houseful of hoarded items. The ‘counselor’ comes through ‘the house’ to assess the problem, and she’s lucky to find a pathway through the rooms of the ‘home’ because it’s piled high with useless things.

Do we, as writers, hoard old paragraphs, chapters and sections of novels that we can’t seem to let go of?

I admit that I had to upgrade from free Mozy to the purchased kind because my megabites overwhelmed the free quota.  I also admit that I’m afraid (okay, maybe too lazy) to dump old galleys of novels.  Someone told me once that if a copyright question comes up, I better be able to show the origins of my novels.  Is that true?

So tell me.  What system do you use to cull stuff out of your computer?  And is it a myth that I have to save old versions of novels to prove I wrote them? 

Here’s proof that I wrote SWOON J, second in the Funeral Planner Suspense Series.  Blurb, pics and buy urls follow (all saved on my computer, of course!)

Don't miss SWOON by Rolynn Anderson! If you like an interesting cast of characters, a heavy dose of mystery and a lot of fabulous surprises, you'll be happily turning pages late into the night.ˮ
~ Brenda Novak, NYT and USA Bestselling Author of WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES
Her dead clients won’t rest in peace.
When the dead tell tales, Jan Solvang’s first reaction is to RUN!  But then she gets caught up in their mysteries.
Jan’s a boutique funeral planner, new to risk, hired to bury a missing woman and memorialize an infamous man.  Yet when she digs for clues to write their eulogies, she disturbs family secrets and unmasks killers.
Roman Keller, hard-driving documentary writer, is in complete control of his life and his stories, until he falls for Jan, a woman who trusts her dog, her faint-dreams, and her instincts more than she trusts him.

Can they make the sacrifices necessary to cement their relationship or will the mayhem caused by the dead ruin their second chance at love?  

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Stephanie_C said...

Oh, I totally hoard text! When the computer starts getting full, I just shove all the old versions on DVD and start again. I'm not sure I've ever actually reused anything, but you never know when you might need to...

Kathryn R. Blake said...

I hoard everything, (e.g., previous years' graphics, videos shot on my camera and photos used on my web site) not just text. My main computer works so slowly now, I had to purchase a mini to do all my webby stuff.

However, I was concerned about my lack of backup for my mini, so I recently downloaded Dropbox, which I like better than my current XDrive backup system. So, next year I'm going to purchase more room from Dropbox, back everything up to my portable hard drive, and remove the majority of my files off my computers. Then I should be able to do all my work out of Dropbox and back it up on my flash and portable drives.

I'm hoping the data wipe will free up space allowing me a quicker response time in 2013. Something I could really use.

Rolynn Anderson said...

Stephanie and Kathryn, these are good ideas. Put stuff on a Or put extra stuff on a backup system that empties the computer. I never thought about the fact that my computer might slow down with the bulge of my megs. Sigh. Looks like I can't ignore the problem! Thanks for writing! Rolynn

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