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How To Add Hope - And A Little Heat - To Your Holiday Season!

Here’s a wish for a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year filled with abundance, happiness and all good things from romance author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy!

When I reminisce about Christmas, there are certain sights, sounds, and smells evoked by memory.  Although these days I put up an artificial no fuss tree, we always had a fresh cut evergreen in my childhood.  The earliest Christmas trees I recall were Douglas Firs and later Scotch Pines but both offered up aromatic delights even if they dried out and dropped needles everywhere.  When I walk past the Christmas trees for sale at the local market, I always pause to inhale the sweet scent.  At home I often put a pine scented candle on my candle warmer to bring the familiar and coveted smell into the house.

             Wreaths, poinsettias, a sprig of mistletoe, real holly complete with berries, and Santa’s face are other holiday icons which appear each year.   Candles to represent hope are another must have item for my celebration.   I adore the smell of even a plain wax candle, bringing to mind other festive occasions and the clean, bright flare of a flame burning in the night.   The old idea of a candle in the window to light the way for a weary traveler or welcome someone home resonates with sentimental appeal. Flame and fire are a focus in both of my Christmas themed releases, one a short just released this past weekend from Rebel Ink Press, Home Fires of Christmas.   And, the title of my 2011 Christmas release from Rebel Ink Press is borrowed from one of my favorite Christmas songs, Sing We Now of Christmas.  The song is a 15th century carol and although I adore any version my top favorite is the instrumental version found on a CD I own with Highland Christmas music.  The poignant music seemed perfect as inspiration for my Christmas novel. I’d like to share the blurbs and covers.

            Home Fires of Christmas: Lela may be the wife of a famous singer but on Christmas Eve, she finds herself home alone.  As she waits for Shane to come home for the holidays, Lela wonders if fame has changed their lives too much.  Shane's out on the road almost all the time while she keeps the home fires burning.  Shane's failure to arrive sends her into a bout of self-pity but when he finally makes it home, she learns things are much different than they seem.

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            Sing We Now of Christmas: When Jessica Martin met Johnny Devereaux that December, holiday magic filled the air but their love was no enchantment….he was, without doubt the love of her life and by summer, they were happy newlyweds with all their life and holidays ahead.

But when he failed to return home from a fishing trip on the Fourth of July, Jessica’s world is rocked to the foundation and when the authorities tell her that her husband is missing, presumed dead, she refuses to believe it. As the months and seasons pass, no one else holds out hope but Jessica believes. She knows he’ll be home for Christmas no matter what.  Her family calls her crazy, Johnny’s family tries to help her find closure but Jessica’s heart refuses to surrender hope.

When Christmas comes, the truth will come out to shock them all.

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            Home Fires of Christmas is just $1.99 and Sing We Now of Christmas for a low $5.99.  Both are available at, All Romance Ebooks, Barnes and, and Bookstrand.

            Find me at any of these places and stay tuned – 2013 is going to be an awesome year!

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