Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Tips: Cut yourself some slack.

This time of year, things get so hectic we sometimes barely have time to breathe, let alone read. Whether we celebrate Christmas or Chanukah, or Yule, there's something about the end of December that brings out the kid in all of us--along with that drive for perfection and approval we all seem to feel. So here are my tips for a saner holiday season.

1. Remember that it really IS the thought that counts. Don't kill yourself trying to find the perfect present, and don't get crabby if someone buys you a really ugly sweater.

2. There IS too much of a good thing. Don't convince yourself you need every decoration or every single variety of Christmas cookie ever invented. Just do what feels good.

3. Take some downtime. There are a lot of really great holiday romance stories out there. Take a break and read a book. I guarantee you'll feel better afterwards. Maybe sneak a cup of cocoa and one of those cookies you slaved over.

And the upshot? Remember that the idea of the holidays is to have fun with the people you love. Your kids, parents, cousins and friends would rather have another hour WITH you than another pumpkin pie or string of lights on the tree. Save some of your time for them. Most of all--cut yourself and everyone else some slack. There are bigger things to stress about than making the perfect fruitcake.

And finally: Don't forget to laugh. Laughter and happiness make everything less stressful.

What tips can you add? I'd love to know.

Have a wonderful holiday season! I'll see you here again in 2013!


Helen W said...

Remember to laugh. When the kid throws away the $100 toy and plays for hours with the wrapping paper and box, you did achieve what you set out to do. He did have fun!

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Exactly, Helen!

Marianne Stephens said...

My tip is what I did this year: I asked everyone to send me a list/ideas of what they wanted, and then I shopped.
Made it so much easier...and I did most shopping online!
Another tip: gifts go in Christmas bags...very little paper wrapping for me.
I cut back on sharing/giving away stuff to my kids.
Merry Christmas!