Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Two Books, Two Heroines, Two Hidden Lives

This month I have two books released, one an inspirational romantic suspense published by Desert Breeze Publishing, and the other a traditional ("cozy") mystery published by Henery Press. Different genres. Different voices. Different moods. Same 'heart' theme. 

Safe and Sound, book three in the New Beginning Series, features a heroine on the run after she stumbles across a murder. She gives up her life and love in order to stay alive. Hannah feels she has no other choice but abandoning everything --and everyone-- so she may live only to discover pretending she is someone else isn't living. 

Faith Hunter, the heroine of Cropped to Death, finds herself in a somewhat of the same predicament. An incident in her past has her running, but instead of away from her family she runs to them and keeps her secret buried. Faith is scared the life her grandmothers cherish would be ripped away if her transgressions became public. In a hometown where faith, family and country mean everything...betraying all three puts a black mark on person's soul never to be erased. Faith 'locks' herself away from family and friends by keeping all relationships on a superficial level. 

When I examined these heroines, I was surprised by the similar characteristics driving them. I wrote these books years apart, though both stories come out this month (Safe and Sound-- Nov 1 and Cropped to Death-- Nov 20). For different reasons, both heroines find themselves unable to be truthful and break their own hearts by closing themselves off from love. For good.  

It's been interesting looking back and seeing how two women can be 'alone' in life, especially when one is surrounded by family and friends. Hannah and Faith start on their path to change when another person's action pushes them out of their 'safe' world. Hannah when a murderer comes after her, and Faith when a friend is accused of murder. 

Hannah has to literally fight for her life and prove who she is to regain her life--and have hope in being able to love and having love. Faith must learn to trust in others to step beyond the past and have a fulfilling future. Hopefully with someone who can be 'the love of her life'.
--Christina Freeburn
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